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2004-06-14 18:29:22 (UTC)

The Weather

We're lucky in Oregon to have relatively mild and mostly
pleasant summers. The humidity is rarely high and the
temperatures seldom scorching. The weather report says
it'll be in the mid and upper 80's later in the week and for
us, that's unusually warm for this time of year. It's
usually drizzling and cool the first weeks of June; the dry,
warm days are usually at the end of July and August and
we're still having summer-like weather through September.
Storms will start coming in from the coast in October, until
by mid-November or so, we are used to the idea that the
winter rains have set in once again.

But it's many more months until November so early this morning
I'll do the grocery shopping and a little baking. My plan is
bake and cook most of what we need for the next few days.
I'll fry chicken and make some barbecued ribs later in the
week and make pitchers of iced tea and lemonade every
morning but most of what we'll need for the week will be
finished before noon today. Then I'll do some housework and
water the garden and flowers and settle in to quilt the rest
of the day. I want to finish the Star quilt I'm working on
now and get the next top in the frame by the end of the week
but I have quite a bit left to go so I'll have to work hard
on it.