chevs life
2004-06-14 17:11:20 (UTC)


I find this rather odd - It's 10:53 Monday morning and I'm
not at school. Am I sick today? No, no, can't say that I
am. Is it a long weekend? Nope, can't say it is. The only
conclusion I can come too is.... DAMN RIGHTS, SUMMER
BREAK! Haha oh you poor suckers are still in school for
another 2 weeks, I feel sorry for you, really, I do.

I haven't really found too much to do with my summer
though. I only have 18 days left here in good ol' Moose
Juice so I'm trying to make the most of my remaining days.
Where am I going in 18 days you ask? Oh, I'm givin 'er to
Quebec for the summer where I'm going to be working. I'm
so psyched. I've been waiting so long for the summer that
I will not have to spend at this evil dungeon called home.
Plus, I discovered that the place I'm staying at has a
pool! Swimming's cool. And if I have the Internet there,
I'll try and get on msn as much as I can or at least write
in here so you'll hafta check it out. I don't know what
I'm working as yet but I think they tell me when I get
there. Quebec's minimum wage is way higher than here so
I'll be getting paid pretty nicely for whatever I do. I'm
so excited!!!!! Haha oh ya, they'll be replacing me here
with a French guy named Martin! So ladies, single ladies
rather, go see if he's hot alright?

So as for the summer I have left, I want to go bowling!!!
Like as nerdy as that sounds, I so want to do it anyway. I
haven't gone bowling forever! And I think I'll go to
sidewalk days (only for the snow biz -- AAWWWW YYYEAAAHH)
and the fair, of course. I'm gonna go watch Candice show
her heffers! I'm seriously excited for that one. I've
never seen that before. Candice you are the awesome-est
(yeah, that's right AWESOME-ist).

Well I'm gonna continue my lazy chillaxing for the day! So