alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-06-14 05:37:28 (UTC)

what is gonig on here??

omg what a weekend... i dont even know where to begin. i
went to nicole house on friday and greg was there he wanted
to go find someone to buy him some stuff so we went by
kennys house and every one was there like EVERYONE and
there was this guy daniel who started talking to me and he
is REALLY nice alot nicer then chad has ever been to me so
me and him got to talking and then it started to rain so
everyone left us except 4 rico greg nicole and daniel we
went to the park and i dont know what was happinging me and
daniel were making out in the front and nicole and rico was
in the back making out i felt really happy then but
afterwards i started to think. i was like what the fuck are
u doing i felt happy when we were doing it but then i didnt
cuz i feel like i am using him to get over chad and that is
not fair to him i am a really bad person for doing this to
him. this is why i dont let pple get close cuz all i do is
screw shit up and hurt them when they dont deserve it. i
dont want to hurt daniel and i know i will i feel likea
really big bitch right now cuz i still like chad and i know
i dont need him. i feel really bad 4 nicole right now cuz
she is confused about shit in her life right now and she
sure as hell doesnt deserve it! she is way to good of a
person. and if rico was using her then i swear to god he is
gunna die cuz he lied to me and to her and she does not
need to deal with that shit either. all u need to know
nicole is that no matter what happens with this whole thing
i will always be here for you u are the best person i know
no matter how much of a "whore" you feel you are which you
are not! just know that to me you will NEVER be one. i am
sorry shit is fucked up for you right now i hope everythnig
works out i would help if i could but i think i would just
make everythnig worse. i love you and i always will just
remember that ok.. i love you forever!!!!