hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2004-06-14 05:14:34 (UTC)

i don't know what to do

i really don't know who i should talk to. today i feel this is the loneliest day. i
am dieing

i am not joking.

i might get pregnant, and i really don't want to have this baby. although greg
said that he will marry me, but i don't want to marry him. i am so young, i am
still 22 years old, it's impossible for me to have a baby and feel him to grow

i know greg he doesn't love me. he still loves his exgirlfriend. i don't want
him to marry a girl that he doesn't love. i like him but it's still too early.

it was 12th of june. i was sitting on his penis and he cum without telling me
first. and his sperm was on my pussy. i am not sure if i will get pregnant. i
hope not. even i will get the chance, i hope he can give me the money to take
the baby out. but he said no, he would never take the babyout, he will marry
me. i am too shocked. how can i marry to someone who don't even love me.
how can i marry someone who still love his ex.

i hope i won't get pregnant, i hope i won't. please. i will never touch a man
anymore, just please don't let me get pregnant. i am still a vrigin! he didn't
even put his penis into my vigina, how can this happen on me! i don't want
the baby!!!

i won't get pregnant, i won't... please don't let me get pregnant! i will be
good! i promise i will be good!