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2004-06-14 04:52:53 (UTC)


ok, so every one is on my ass to do another one of these
casue apparently people read them. who knew? ok wow i dont
have muhc to write about not that i can tell u reallu just
u know my "intrests" if u can figure out what that means i
kinda feel sorry for u. my soccer team is falling apart
hardcore. we suck and my coach isent exactly being coach of
the month. and the parents are complaining. the only good
thing is rachels new pupppy hes a russel terrior i think
the called same dog as the one off signfeild(not sure if
thats even spelled right but thats what it sounds like) has
so little i swear hes like 10 cm high!! but anyways thats
about it but yesturday i went to tashas house had a huge
pig out night it was crazy we went and spent like 20$ and
just like jello, stawberries, those little like half can
sized pepsi's, and cookies that were sooooooo good and of
coarse i had to get the new cosmo becasue it had anjelina
jolie on the frount and anyone that knows me well knows she
is my all time favorite actress. and when i was at tashas
we rented signs with mel gibson becasue i havent seen it
yet so who ever has seen it the part where his hand comes
out from under the door way and he cuts the aliens fingers
off i screamed and woke up tashas mom it was preatty
humours but that about it and i started wokring at Tim
Hortons but i just quit (dont ever work there)but i dont
like it but tasha does and i guess marc does to but meh i
sure as hell didnt. and guess what next spring break im
supposed to go on a trip with my school to England, Paris,
and Scotland is that not exciteing!! i get ot meet hot
english boys wiht hot accents!!!which by the way is
sooooooooo hot!! all the ladies know what im talking
about!!! haha. ok but i think im done for now so mayeb ill
rigt later if i get the time or people start getting on my
ass again but anyways buh bye!!

P.S. u didnt think i would forget about u nik!! there u go
i did that whoel thing just for u!!

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