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2004-06-14 01:06:36 (UTC)

What About UFO's?

By Johnnie Craig
June 12, 2004

Some scientists believe UFO's are 25% desire to believe in
something, 25% imagination, 25% misidentification, and 25%
ignorance. Some UFO believers have a distinct tendency to
get carried away and believe in any story whether it has
been proven or not. I believe in common sense and an open
mind approach.

The Roswell crash site had several hundred persons
involved in the cleanup. There were Hospital personnel,
Doctors, Nurses, Military professionals, and other
reliable eye witnesses who reported essentially the same
story. It is difficult for me to accept that none of these
professionals had the ability to tell the difference
between a parachute dummy and an alien, especially during
autopsy. Not to mention the 1 or 2 apparent live aliens
who were said to be beathing. Common sense dictates that
something other than parachute dummies went to the
hospital and morgue.

There is an apparently unreported case, which occured in
South America. An FAA maintenance crew was using
a "Theodolite" device to track the orbit of a Flight Check
airplane during a VOR site certification. A theodolite is
a form of survey equipment to very accurately measure
angles, distance, and aircraft speed. This particular
theodolite also had a camera and a computer attached for
nearly instant pictures and readouts. While following the
flight check airplane, 3 other aircraft entered the
operators vision. The flight check pilot, co-pilot, and 1
man technician crew as well as the theodolite operator on
the ground followed the path of these 3 unidentified
aircraft during impossible maneuvers for more than 5
minutes before speeding off at speeds in excess of mach 6.
When they returned to the U.S., told thier story, and
produced the tapes and pictures, the tapes and pictures
mysteriously disappeared, and then the government denied
the incident ever occured.

Scientists claim there is no proof positive evidence that
UFO's exist. If I were a scientist I would be interested
in why anytime evidence is obtained it mysteriously
disappears. And why so many dependable witnesses are all
reporting the same or similar information. If a scientist
invents or discovers a new toy or theory it gets
publicized if for no other reason than to gain operational
funds. But a UFO report is usually mocked and jeered or
hushed up immediately.

I have no idea whether UFO's are real or imaginary but
logic tels me not to ignore the possibility.


About the author Johnnie Craig: Retired FAA Field
Technician. I have a new book, biograpy, looking for a
publisher. Visit http://jcraig.home.att.net or email:
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