my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-06-13 18:04:24 (UTC)

sunday! it was nice.

hey hey!! so today was nice. it was church. i had a lot of
fun. i went ta gp. it was fun. we ate breakfast and that
was fun class was fun it waas all good. i love gp bcuz
after the song service n stuff and before the sermon,
roger does his whole 'junior church is dismissed, stand up
and greet someone!" which is when most people get up n jug
someone n talk ect so i got up n hugged so many peopel it
was fun. i love hugs! and i hadn't hugged ne one in a
while :( so that was nice. dang! i hugged a lto fo people
i dont normally hug haha. and new people li kei hugged
jason which was new and um.. larry whih was new. larrys a
freaking old perv ashleigh u are a idiot! dang girl get
some freaking sense. and here i thought bible colege would
be good for you.
im watching spongebob square pants, what have i become?
dang. im a freakin loser.
"its like frickin cat nip for clones!"

ah man. amy u need ta come OVER gurl. 2 weekends it sooooo
long. man. anyway im gonna jet out but hey.
haha. yet again, chris looked cute. so many people
are "cute" but i just keep thinking about chris a know? i
don't want a think for him. amys going to end up liking
jason. byt next sunday. she likes guys sooo fast lol.
i am so sorry amy i didn't mean to call you a snob but you
come off as very snobby. thats what deep creek did to ya.
im sorry you know i love ya gurlie but thats just the way
it is :( you are snobby at times. i tried to explain but
you denied it al... im sorry...
*sigh* im gonna go


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