Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-06-13 09:54:02 (UTC)

Euro 2004 Day One

Saturday, June 13.

This is partly an exercise to prove to one person in
particular that I CAN still watch football and prefer
cricket, and partly something that'll get my diary entrying
back more regularly.

Portugal 1-2 Greece.
Spain 1-0 Russia.

2 games, very different. Some similarities. The commentary
on the BBC for each was absolutely awful. The decent
commentators and co-commentators are spread too thinly on
the ground, and the same with the in studio pundits. ITV
will offer less today, too. Robbie Earle had better appear.
As had Mark Bright on BBC sharpish.

New ball, too. Looks alright, but ever more like it is being
made light (weight-wise) and the players are finding it so.
Same with boots (colour-wise). Why does everyone insist on
not wearing black? White must be a lot tougher to clean, and
red, too.

Spain impressed with their play if not chance creation and
chance taking and Russia looked dangerous enough to suggest
their game with Portugal will be the pivotal one in the
group. Greece look like dark horses, and 1 more win will be
enough for them, so pressure is really off. Cats amongst
pigeons in Western Iberia, then. Cats amongst pigeons.

In other news, I threw up a blood....well, it was just
blood. Really cool. Don't panic, it was the result of
(another) nosebleed.

WILT? Silence where cricket commentary should be.