Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-06-13 09:47:55 (UTC)

What's Goin' On?

Firstly, the fact that I ALWAYS get really nasty library
fines. I can't avoid them, I keep getting stuff out on the
wrong day for me to take it back. I owe another £3 today.

Secondly, why am I suddenly becoming the musical equivalent
of a 14-year-old-skater-loser? I don't understand. Its not
entirely true, of course, but the fact I keep McFly and
Busted in my head, and I'm enjoying bands like Blink 182 and
that other one....

And the fact that I seem so angry when people ask me about
football. That's not what I want. I don't know what's
happened there. I seem to have just polarized it. I know
Euro 2004 is on. I was never THAT big a fan of international
football anyway, I always preferred domestic.

However, since cricket has come on to Channel 4, my love for
it has rekindled. Its a lot easier when you can interact
with things regularly, and cricket is only ever shown over
the summer. Football is every day, all year round - you
can't move for it.

Its not that I don't like it, its that I grow weary of the
constant treadmill, the fact that Euro 2004 seems to have
had about 15 hours of preview programming all saying EXACTLY
the same thing. I'd rather just relax and watch what of the
games I can. I saw 1 and a half yesterday (of which more
later). But the sight of 3 pundits at half time of each
FORCING comments about the game, and the same interviews
that were on over lunchtime. Its the television thing all
over again. I should just turn off at the final whistle.
I'll might just do it.

WICKET! C McMillan lbw Harmison 30

Right, I've got another (Part One) etc series to start.