Life Is A Series Of Questions
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2004-06-13 08:15:40 (UTC)

Virginity and Bestfriend

My ex bestfriend Susan used to yell at me about virginity.
I lost mine at 17 in Cancun, Mexico one wild and drunken
night and never thought poorly about it since. It was
better than giving it away and ending up broken hearted.
She called me a slut and whore for that.
Now she gave hers away to some guy she calls her friend
with benefits. And I'm the slut?
She yelled at me for all those years, saying she was
saving herself for marriage. Instead she saved herself for
19 years for what? a friend with benefits. Some guy who
doesn't care enough about her to date her, but hey! he'll
fuck her, so she might as well jump on board.
I can't believe I had to put up with that shit just for
her to turn around and cancel out all she ever preached to
me. Some catholic she is! Some devoted catholic!
Sex is such a painful topic for me and she knows it. All
she ever did was tell me that I had a lot of issues with
sex and that people should understand that. Then she
turned around and made fun of me for my sexual choices. I
have every right to bash her now. After all those hateful
things she said to me about my sex life and the way I
carry myself. After all the times she preached about how
she was so great for having a blessed chastity ring and
how she was waiting for mr perfect and his 1 million
engagement ring. After all this, she just gives it away
like it meant nothing to her. Just another piece of
material she got sick of owning. Well that's all well and
good for her, but she should think back and recall all
those times she belittled her friends. Not just me, but
Amanda as well. She should feel sorry for all the things
she said! She should hate herself for it! She called my
brother's fiance a gold digger. Now what is she doing? All
she ever wanted was lots of money! The only men she goes
after are rich beyond imagination. She's no better than
what she called Christine. no better!
I'm sick of people morphing on me. I'm sick of losing
friends. I'm sick of people trying to change me, preaching
at me, insulting me like they know what's right. I'm sick
of being lied to. I'm sick of people

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