Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2004-06-13 08:01:52 (UTC)

ha ha ha what a weekend

what a weekend

firstly i had to work sunday that sucked but what sucked
more is what happened after work sat night

went round to wattys wasn't gunna drink ended up drinkin
wasn't gunna go to the attic went to the attic
was gunna behave ended up smackin the dj and gettin a
months ban from the joint no biggy the fucking dickhead
deserved it
you don't say shit about my mates or my mates missus even
though i don't like her that much you still don't do it

anyways go a new cd on friday and by fuck its unreal

DANIEL LIONEYE its a band that is a side project of him
lily lazer the lead guitarist fronts on vocals whilst ville
valo plays the drums and mige is on the bass still but its
cool its so different to him its more old school rock then
the laid back feel of him

oh well payday tuesday

fuck hangovers

"death to america" - Osama

drug panadol
music dle king of rock n roll

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