2004-06-13 05:32:42 (UTC)


it was a fun night,well start out when lessa callz me about
the ride but i told her i was gettin 1 from my mom so it
was all good but then tiff called & said she can jus give
me 1 so they come & pick me up & i give em directions to
mikes,we get there,we walk in the gate & every one says hi
& tiff introduces herself,we go inside & we see everyone
sittin on the couch chillinz so we go w/ it & chill 2 for a
lil,but then we got up 4 some grubbinz lol me & lessa had a
grape competition to see how many grapes we can fit in our
mouth so sarahs countin 4 alessa & tiff is countin 4 me,i
put 11 & lessa put 9...she was laughin & everyone said i
looked like a damn hamster lol ya ya ya FU** U lol!!after
we go & eat the real food,there was a freakin pig on the
table wtf!umm yaaa...so b4 we ate tiff was the youngest so
she had 2 pray,after...we got in a line for our food lol
they had sum fish on the table 2 that looked funny cuz it
had a head lol,so after we ate,ummm ok,we had 2 watch an
old video that mike was in in im thinkin when he was
12,video taped killing a live pig ah they had 2 feel for
the pressure point in the pigz neck & stick the knife in
it,while the pig was screamin the blood was gushin out of
its neck into a bucket ugh...u shoulda seen every 1s faces!
eeeew then a video on mikes 12th bday im thinkin,it was
funny(his little voice) lol,after we do the cake thing ah
we had cake & pie o wow i cant tell u how fool i was & so
was tiff!ne who we were sittin outside eatin our cake & we
go inside to wash off & were in the bathroom & tiff washed
her hands,she put soap on my cheek & lessa was jus lookin &
then tiff put some on hers & of course lessa not thinkin
that there was no whip creme on the cake,she whipes her
face off & puts the soap in her mouth hahahhaHahHA o god me
& tiff collapsed 2 the ground!hahahha!dude it was SOAP!jeez
then we go outside & sit & hang out listenin 2 music
jammin,me tiff & lessa were sittin on the chair that swingz
& jermain was pushin & he kept pushin it harder & harder
then al of a sudden the chair almost flips!aah we ran off
it like whoa & ive never seen lessa move so fast ever!ne
who after tiff had 2 go home,& mike opened his gift..he
liked it wahooo!lol,i guess he brought it 2 martial arts
2day,awsome! but ya after i had 2 ask my mom 2 stay the
night haha that was interesting,ya didnt work lol...so till
9:30 i jus chilled playin the guitar,havnt played 1 in
4ever!got a lap dance from ray wahoooo work it! lol,so mom
ges ther & she forgot the F^%%$#@ tampon 4 alessa!i get
home & i ride my bike up to the skool 2 meet lessa & ray so
pull out like 8 pads & 2 tampons lol she was liek wtf!funny
shit,go home stay up till 4 in the morning called lessa on
& off...she was watchin movies...i talked 2 nikki last
night for about an hour,ya i actually talked 2 pierce
lol...my night