Nick's Journal
2004-06-13 05:25:58 (UTC)

So when's that next nuclear war and/or bubonic plague coming around?

we need it. we are just flowing. overflowing and
infesting. we are a blister that should have popped and
healed by now. instead, we have enough moisture to make
us grow larger, the festering wound of infection teeming
under the surface of the barely containable web of
society. every time i go anywhere there is a multitude of
who are these people? where are they coming from? why
are so many minorities driving them? jesus h. christ.
does everyone in the united states own a car? no matter
how shitty, how lowly, or how greasy they are, they putter
around in a semblance of an automobile caring even less of
any consequences than you could possibly heap upon any
luxury loving yuppie. why don't those radical
environmental groups target those shitty ass, polluting
cars? why do they target the suvs? well aside from the
fact that they are morons i can't quite conceive of a
reason myself.
then again i can't understand why someone would have an
suv. or a hummer, or god knows what. i don't understand
the merit of a crusade led by women paranoid of those that
ingest one alcoholic beverage, who at the same time careen
down crowded streets, cell phone in hand, completely
distracted and distraught. madd. give me a fucking
break. oh and no gun rights. rosie.
i live with you people, you drive along side me. i really
don't know what to think of your simplistic notions of
reality. all i care about is that you stay in your
fucking lane. i can't trust your message, because it is
nothing more than a trumpet to distract yourself from your
own disseminated lives. pick something more worthy of
thought than just one topic of death (aka drunk-driving),
choose a fucking lane.
ok. ok. i won't put my life in little containers of
absolvation. not a word i know. from now on my life will
not flow placidly into the containers of time. instead i
will leave it as it is. and overflowing wave of
experience, one that can not be quantified, nor contained
in any one aspect.