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The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-13 04:24:07 (UTC)

parking lot penis

I saw the Stepford Wives again today, with Max. I wanted
to see Saved! but it's not out yet, unfortunately, but I
wanted to do something with Max and so we saw SW. I think
he liked it. I was a little bit bored, and got distracted
by all the sounds of the movie theatre. People whispering,
people turning off cell phones, people chewing popcorn, the
crinkle of candy bags. It was like I had a million people
smacking in my ear. But I tried to stay focused on the
movie. After that we went over to the bookstore and
listened to music and goofed around until we got bored and
left. We went from there to the Mellow Mushroom, but not
before checking out Hello Sushi, my art teacher's
restaurant. The MM was wonderful as always, and we saw Mr.
Waller again. He came over and settled at our table,
talked, and secretly making fun of the fact that Max and I
were there together. Then I went home and ran around
looking for something to wear to dinner with my
grandparents. We ended up at the Melting Pot and it was
fabulous. The dessert was my favorite. Chocolate fondue. I
can still see it in my mind.

When we were leaving the restaurant, in the parkinglot
was this guy, probably in his twenties. He was drunk beyond
belief, falling all over the place. There was enough booze
on his breath to make a young boy dizzy. He was holding
something, I realized, but I couldn't see what it was
because he was behind some cars. As he got closer I
realized what it was: HIS WANG! The man had his penis out
of his jeans and was just walking around with it in his
hands. Just out in the open there. He mumbling and I
understood "You like it?" and I walked away laughing. It
was so horribly random. Just a stranger in a parkinglot and
his incredibly large dick in his hands. It was very...well,
I wasn't expecting it. I didn't exactly enjoy it, but it's
a pretty funny story to tell. My parents freaked out, and
we're glad my grandparents had left already. My grandmother
would have fainted on the spot.

I just thought I'd document it, because it makes me laugh
every time I think about it. I wonder what that guy is
doing right now. On second thought, I don't really want to

fin that.