The Apple

Fresh Words
2004-06-12 12:36:26 (UTC)

6.12.04 Summertime in the Suburbs

Well, its pretty good and into summertime. Not a lot is
going on. I've been ruunning again, and most definitely
playin a lot of basketball, mainly at the expense of
others. And I mean that in multiple ways: Someone usually
has to pick me up when I play :-( and I really play to the
expense of the person defending me. Ha, just kidding, but I
am a lot better....and I wonder if it is too late to enter
the H-F 3 on 3 tourney this summer. Eh, it proboably is,
nothing good ever happens to me anyway. Running...yeah I
picked up running again too. But I hurt myself pretty badly
also, while on a jog. I don't know whats wrong with my
legs. Maybe I've gained too much weight to begin running
again...but then again I see fat people running all the
time. Maybe not as intense...either way, its good to be
a "shape demon" again.
Things are well and I'm liking life okay....even though
I have been trying, with, if I may say so, much effort to
add a female into the mix of my life. Something about
summertime makes girls hotter, both in the sense of their
beauty, and literally hotter, as they are in more contact
with the sun. Ha. Poor attempt at humor.
I find I hav very little to write about right now.
Uh, I guess I dont write in this often enough to go into
illicit detail about everything.