polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-06-12 04:44:27 (UTC)



where are your emotions and how can we get them back?

why don't you like tess anymore?

what happened to us?

why are friends "just" friends?

we were good friends before september third, why can't we
be good friends now?

why do you want me to forget about you?

do you want yourself out of my life just so i'll be out of

why can't i stop thinking about you?

what were we doing two months ago?

what's so good about chris?

why can't i get over you?

can you think about someone else's feelings instead of your
lack of?

will you forgive me for being a bitch?

do you remember how to say police in spanish?

do you even appreciate all that time we spent together?

who let the dogs out?


Just some things I've been wondering...

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