u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-06-11 20:08:40 (UTC)

daily thoughts...

i like how osman ignored me today and yesterday
completley, but w/e its a good thing. it confirms my first
impression of him.....PLAYA haha
kayghan was like hes cute, u 2 should go out next year and
i wanted to hit her like, the whole thought of being with
someone who isnt paul, seemed so ludacris.

omg im guna kill ellen she wants to u no wat with u no who
ahh it was only like, 2 weeks ago she was agreeing with me
on sex and stuff and now shes like im so ready, HES MOVING
like id rather him have me b his first than him go do it
wit sum other girl. well the door swings both ways honey!
bet u a million bucks shell b over my house cryin wishin
she didnt do it cuz she "cant get over him" and "needs
him" and all that. thats a main reason why i dont wanna do
it unless im married, i dont ever wanna feel like i "need
to be with someone" who isnt there. and then id b paranoid
and i just dont ever wanna put myself thru that. besides
the fact that i did just fight so hard last year to keep
something, and then have it taken away.

me n katy r goin to dunkins during pdB finals CANT WAIT
lol never thought id b so happy over a walk to
dunkins..but ive been craving a coolata forever, and now i
have a week to work out more so i dont feel guilty puttin
on the calories.
im out 4 now!

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