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silent wishes
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2004-06-11 05:02:29 (UTC)

so anyway

i spent all last night drawing. i think it turned out
fairly well, i kinda wish i hadnt put it in ink tho, i
think it looked better in pencil, but it still doesnt look
too bad.

i got a job now. well, when monday comes i will anyway. i
dont have to do much, answer phones, file things, and put
stuff in a computer, but hey, i get to sit around on
somebody else's computer, talk on the phone, (dont much
like phones but oh well.) and get paid for it. so i cant
complain. i have to be there at 6 in the morning, but thats
alright. there's a reason they make coffee...strong, black
coffee. yummy.

oh and i get to go get my driver's license july 23. it
just HAD to be on the last day of band camp...but i guess i
can just miss the last day, or part of it anyway. maybe
it'll all work out.

i think the only thing productive that i did today was
wash my dog. but i put my bathing suit on so i wouldnt mess
up my clothes, and it didnt look too bad. so that made me

i think i might let my hair be wavy one day soon, instead
of constantly blowing it straight. all these people have
wavy hair and it looks really pretty, i jsut never think it
looks too good on me. but i'm wanting to go shopping and
get some more clothes, so i think i might try wavy hair and
a skirt as opposed to my usual jeans, t-shirt and straight,
fluffy hair.

speaking of clothes. purple. i am bound and determined to
find myself a purple t-shirt. i dont know why, but i've
become obsessed with the color purple. but it has to be
certain shades of purple. has to be a pretty one...ah i
cant explain it,but its a pretty color.

and i need a tan...BADLY.

i have to go to my grandma's tomorrow, so momma can go to
work. i dont know if i'm gonna have to spend the night or
not. i hope not. its so miserable sleeping on those
couches. the springs in the back died a long time ago and
the cushions that you sit on are really flat so when you
sit down you just kinda fall in and have to strategically
place your limbs so you can pry yourself out. not exactly
fun in the middle of the night.

i dunno. but besides all that theres only one thing i
want. well, ok, 2. the 1st one is that i want to see my
boyfriend. i miss him...

and then the 2nd is that i really really REALLY want some
icecream. i've been craving icecream today and oooooh you
have no idea how much i want a bowl of either mint-
chocolate chip ice cream (there's just something intriguing
about green icecream, plus it tastes good.) i want either
mint-chocolate chip, or chocolate chip cookie
dough...mmmm...oh man i'm really really wanting icecream

yea...icecream and my boyfriend, thats all i want right

forever 17