Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-06-11 03:35:43 (UTC)

This Is My Day !!!!

Today is my 43rd Birthday !!
The day my father wanted to name me Diane Kay. However,
my mother wanted to make brownie points with both
grandmothers, so I became Katherine Elizabeth instead.
The last name is uniportant. I am the last generation to
have a Katherine in it since the first Katherine came over
on the potato boat from Ireland many years ago through
Ellis Island. Her name was Catherine Walsh. She came
from the seaside portion of Ireland, Youghall County.

Anyway, I had a quiet birthday as I don't usually answer
the phone that day. A quirk that I have had for years.
Nice cards came from some of my family and Shell and I
went out for dinner. That was nice. My ex even
remembered my day and gave me a card. What a nice
surprise!! And unexpected!

Freda, my stepmother, and I have been in correspondance
recently and it hasn't all been nice. I'm exhausted with
it and have told her so. I don't want to fight but on the
other hand, sharing how we feel is a good thing. It gets
a lot out and if we are honest, something gets
accomplished. She and Dad refused to acknowledge the very
real presence of the mental disorder that plagues this
family and has for decades. I just can't get it through
her head. Perhaps the letter I mailed today will help, I
just don't know.

It is very frustrating to know that people in your own
family don't even acknowledge its' existence. Makes me
feel like I am lying or being a drama queen, etc.
Nothing is less validating than that. Something I really
don't need.

Bye Bye Bon Bons.

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