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2004-06-11 02:30:40 (UTC)


i met andy armi. the talented poet.

he is nice. we went to the second hand book shop. before we went in, he
bought a chicken pie in ponsonby pie shop.

after the book shop, we went to his house, he said that i can go to his house
anytime i want, really?

he was too tired. he fell into sleep, like a baby. cute.

he asked me to undo his pants, but i said no

i adore his talent in poetry, but don't want to undo his cloth. at least not the
first time.

he slept.

i read his book. good books.

he is a not too bad friend. interesting.

i hope i can see him again.

before i go, i kissed him for half second, just a little kiss. friendship kiss.

borrowed his bath room, filled up my water, follow all the way john street.

reading the poetry that has reject from magazine that he gave to me.

he said sorry but he really was too tired. i said no worries, he said lovely to
meet me, next time he will buy me a cup of coffee, i said no worries.

the end of john street, turn seft, until ponsonby road, follow all the ponsonby

no. 105 ponsonby road, woman's book shop

andy, how's your hand? how's your study?