The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-06-10 23:33:33 (UTC)


Heylo ppl..hows it goin? Am alritey! Jus had ma hair all
done well it was like 3 hours ago that it got finished but
it looks pretty...i think...LoL!..i wasnt 2 sure of it at
1st jus coz of the way its cut..but im used 2 it n im likin
it nows..which is of course a good thing :o)!
Its kinda shortish but still long..jus not as long as
before..and its still the redish colour bt a lighter red n
wee blonde highlights which looks kewl :-)! anyhoo aye!

Well i aint wrote in this much basically coz nuttin much
has been happenin in life thats really worth writing or
thinkin about actually..hmm!

The dance is lookin well good! am excited bout
it..yas! :o)! hehe..and we're gtting 2 choose lightin for
it n stuff which is pretty kewl..yaaas!

Last nite i was oot with ppl for a while..was quite a good
laff..Sean n Blakkie were pished which was pretty funny..J-
lo got into a big heated argument about politics n started
takin a rager..we ran about playin with a football LoL!..oh
the fun!

Aww its all raining i like it wen its like that
n yer lyin in bed listening 2 it coz ye canny sleep..which
i think is what im going 2 go and do jus nows..sooo...

- x adios x -