Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
2004-06-10 14:54:13 (UTC)

Again with another long day

ok another day is over and i worked you guessed right 12.5
hours again atleast tomorrow i only start work at 2 might
get some much needed sleep

oh yeah for all those people worried that i am slowly
turning into a freak should not worry i am perfectly normal
at the moment its just me still

what else whell i had some fun at work tonight i met a
bloke who was with one of the tables and from what i
gathered he was very abrupt with management and i happened
to be having a coffee in the bar after workand he came it
to smoke his pipe of all things anyways he was talking to
me and he asked me about my tattoo and my eyebrow ring
thats when i showed him my toungue ring this guy must have
been fifty or so anyways he started asking me if it hurt
and stuff then he came out with weather it helped with the
ladies so i told him the truth that i had no idea because i
haven't had the oppertunity to use it yet to which he
thought was weird and stated why would you get it done if
you weren't gonna use it i took offence to this and said
that why not its my body and that i am alowed to do to it
what ever i liked he then said that young folk these days
where all crazy in the head and he strolled back to his
room i thought i had made my day

what else my sis rang tonight to report that we are goin
road trippin on me holiday cool time to go shock the rellys
i think grandma will be more shocked then anyone else but i
don't care i think phill and jeff won't care much and i
know lyn and john know to well what i am about so not to

oh well thats another day over too easy

drug: get me whatever
song: sweet amber by metallica

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