Meshed Up
2004-06-10 14:28:07 (UTC)


i know, as i sit here listening to you, that i'll remember
nights like this where i breathe in a world that i
hesitate to call my own. i know, in spite of the fact that
there are too many people who already claim to know my
soul, that i will still find somewhere to turn. to crumble
beneath the eyes of those who feel they know.

no. no, you do not know. and no, you do not see. and no,
you can not say who i am because you do not hear me. you
do not smell me. you do not feel me.

you can not place your judgment on a person whom you only
claim to know through words. we all know how easy it is to
hide behind linguistic constructs. to become people we're
not. to become...those we only wish to be.

may this night rob me of my sleep. may it capture my
dreams in its coldness.

may it take away those moments when you read with that
patronizing air. when you think you know better because
you've found the answers to all your questions.

let me tell you, you don't know anything.

no. nothing.

let me tell you, that you will never know that i am
talking to you. you will never know how many demons have
come and gone. and you will never know how many demons
will choose to stay.

you are my demon.
and you probably will always be.

let saints and angels give me wings to so i may kneel with
abandon. so i may breathe my praise and shield my eyes
with awe.

let there be no shame left. no fear.

let there only be brightness. let there be light.