Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2004-06-10 13:41:40 (UTC)

Houses 2

Houses man...
It's something we all take for granted when we have
one. A home. A place to call your own. We've been
looking for a new home for months now. We got an
offer on my place and go to closing in just over a month
and we have nowhere to go yet. Sometimes I wonder
how people deal with it.
I'm beginning to understand what motivates people to
stay where they are for ever. Unless you're renting
you're pretty much stuck wherever you are. Is it worth
the extra money you shell out for rent every month?
Just for the feeling of freedom and non attachment. Oh
I could just up and move to another state, it'll be easy!
Is it worth the bother when you have to let the landlord
in to fix whatever? You always feel put out or pissed off
when the hot water goes out and you call to have it fixed
but believe me, it's much worse when you ARE the
landlord. Then all you can do is curse the guy you
bought from for being so negligent.
But hell, I suppose there is a sense of security
knowing that you don't have to worry about unwanted
visits or storing hazardous products in your basement
or fire arms in your closet or bodies in your freezer
'cause you're the only one looking! So I guess it's worth
mortgaging your life for that kind of security and privacy.
And it really does seem to be the only investment that
can consistently make money in the long run thanks to
inflation and overpopulation. In two years I turned 53K
into 107K; not too shabby. And two years is the magic
number folks, can you say Capital Gains Tax?
But at the same time, 107K aint shit! We're still
looking in the ghettos of suburbia 'cause that's all we
can afford. Maybe in two more years we'll move to a
slightly less shitty sub-suburban hell. Or maybe we'll
get great jobs in the city, move into a two hundred year
old pile of rubble with roaches and rats, pay three
hundred a month for parking and waste more money in
cooler bars? That's really my ultimate goal I guess.
Somehow, buy a building with separate apartments,
and live for free essentially. I can always dream...

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