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2004-06-10 05:50:18 (UTC)

I dont even remember the last..

I dont even remember the last time i wrote in this thing.
all that i know is that one one probably reads these
things anymore but i cant sleep and there is really no one
online to talk to so i figured i would write in this thing
since i havent in a while. So i just got off the phone
with a good friend and we talked for about an hour. i got
so shaken up over some issues. such as the clothes people
wear today. mainly girls but guys too. i honestly dont
understand why it is so hard for girls to buy clothes that
fit them. what is the point of wearing a skirt that every
step you take you have to pull down your shirt or skirt
just to cover your body. or apparently that doesnt matter
to some females because they dont even try to cover
anything that they just let everything how. which is
reddiculous. Maybe they do it for attention, that has got
to be it b/c i cant think of any other reason to dress in
such a manner. i am here to tell you that if you have to
dress that way to get attention, they type of people that
you are going to get it from are not those sweet hopeless
romantic guys that you see in the movies. They are going
to be the kind of guys that will treat you like an object.
they wont treat you with respect, dignity, or kindness.
they will treat you like a piece of property that they use
to please themselves. now maybe some girls like to be
treated like an object, and to those girls i say that you
are degrading the female race, and making things so much
harder for girls like myself to get even the smallest
amount of respect from a guy. Now i am no expert on any of
this because i am number one not a guy. number two i dont
dress like that so i dont know why some girls choose to do
so. but i was just trying to figure it out, i wonder about
things all the time. i guess i am just on such a different
plane then everyone else that i get so confused about
things. i usually dont think like everyone else. or so i
have been told. i just dont understand some things that
seem like common sense to other people. sometimes i just
wonder what the world would be like if everyone thought
the same way i did. im sure the world would be a land of
craziness, so i guess it is a good thing that every person
in the world is different because if that were not so then
the world wouldnt balance out like it does. actually im
not saying that the world does balance out because i think
this world is a pretty wack place. i know i am prolly
summoning something by saying this but i dont understand
how this world could get any worse. We have people who
dont even have a second thought about molesting innocent
children, babies being thrown into dumsters, so many
murders, unatural relationships. so manythings are wrong
with this world i just dont see how God allows it to go on
anymore besides his wonderful saving grace. which i shall
never be able to comprehend. everything that is an
abomination to the Lord has come to play in the world that
we live in today. maybe God just sees those few good
people out there trying to do his will and wants to see
those few keep doing what they are doing. anyways my back
is startin to hurt so i think that i am going to get off
of this thing and go lie down some more, whether i sleep
or not isnt the point i dont guess. as long as i am awake
i should be commfy. so to all who read this i hope you
enjoy because i was just incredibly bored and had nothing
else to do so i can in here and wrote a few of the things
that were currently on my mind.