"Day-z H"
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2004-06-10 03:15:27 (UTC)

"I'm Empty...Again" June 9th, 2004

Lately things have been going fine I suppose. Maybe I am
never statisfied, but I am not 100% sure that is it
anymore. I try my best to be nice to my bf...and try to
make him happy. I may get bitchy sometimes...but who
doesn't. It has been over a month since he has touched a
dish...and longer then that since he has touched me. I do
not see how this is fair. He seems to do basically
anything he feels like...which isn't exactly bad...but it
isn't that good either. I need help around here. I need
someone around here. I don't need another friend. I need
an equal...someone to show me affection...and to help me
out around the house. HELLO!!? I am so tired, fusterated,
and lonely.

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