Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-06-09 19:58:00 (UTC)

weird dream

Ok so I slept 15 hours last night
And the whole time I had a dream that felt like it was in
real time.
I think it’s a continuation of a dream I have had before
But yeah the gist of it is that our country gets taken over
and everyone is becoming slaves or dying and so a small
group and I start running. I don’t know where we are going
but we always barely miss death. Hiding in abandoned houses
and sewers...etc. And finally we get to the woods behind my
old house in Marietta and as soon as we walking the woods I
run into someone and then my eyesight adjusts and I see
thousands of people all in prayer. My group joins in and
then I see my family and we end up feasting and dancing and
such. I dance with my Dad and he is swinging me around and
the dream ends with the enemy creeping in the woods and our
party being cut short.

I had another dream no too long ago where I got in a plane
with friends and we were being chased and I flew them
somewhere and we barely escaped and I wonder if it’s a part
of the same dream you know?

anywho I thought it was weird

but yeah
other than that my thoughts are on D-day…60 years ago this

ok buy
CD: Velvet Revolver / Contrband (there are either good
songs or bad but I don’t think it will ever be as good as
GnR or STP)
Movie: Stuck on Me(I need to finish it)
Book: Wouldn’t it be nice(read it)