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2004-06-09 14:38:28 (UTC)

What A Shit Day

what a shit day but i suppose it was just another 12.5
hours no big deal i am so used to it now that makes 36
hours in three days i think i work to hard for the money
but its all good

ok whell i found out something else today a friend of mine
(i Hope) ex boss is coming for tea tomorrow night and he
was the on who sexually harassed her so i probebly can't
stand him as well as that i also found out that every
wednesday night for the last three years i have been
feeding him a meal with our rotary group i haven't met the
man even though he is a sdney swans supporter i don;'t
think i could possibly tolerate him from what i gather he
is a short man with an ego that could fill a room the boss
says that he is very upfront an that he is known for making
lude gestures at our waitress's i would love to be a waiter
one night for rotary and actually meet him i am shure i
could piss him off in three possibly even two minutes

the other news is that i met the new chef at the cally the
other day and he is also a very keen sydney swans supporter
and he is also very irish to say the least he happens to be
very good friends with tadhg kennelly only the best irish
player ever to play for the swans and he commented that he
was getting the swans down for a week in the off season for
a drink to which i said that i was friends with adam goodes
who hopes to make it down so i might see if i can get in
for a drink with them one night and have some fun.

also on the aganda is my time off which i found out is also
when my sister has time off so i am thinkin road trip up
north to see the rellys haven't sen some of them in well
over a year if not longer and now that sis has her full
liecence i might just get her to drive and i will sink some
cans and listen to some unreal music. i want to see grandma
seeing as its been well and truely 2 or more years since i
have seen her and i want to show her my new talents of
being able to cook and my new apperance with all my
peircings and my tattoo wonder what she will say

i also want to see jen and tyrones new hotel they want me
to move up there and cook for them at some stage but i
haven't heard anything about it in a few weeks so i don't
know i think nan and pop will be pleasently suprised to see
me as well as cath and mark my only relatives apart from
juliz who came to see me on my 21st

oh yeah if you didn't know julz is caths oldest child the
one i found out i had at david and krystabels wedding shes
my oldest cousin seeing as for 20 years heres me saying
that i am the oldest grandchild on that side of the family
but fuck i am over that what i can't get over is the fact
that she lived like 50 kms away from me in goroke a town
that most of my good school mates live in and they have
known her for ages and i almost feel as if i have known her
for ages

the only other thing i have to report is that i am losing
weight slowly and that i was nearly late for work today and
that i am still sorry for what i have done but i did get a
message today so there is stil a glimmer of hope that i can
resurect my friendship with her

drug of choice: coffee i had 13 cups today
song of choice: millionare by qotsa

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