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silent wishes
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2004-06-09 03:32:21 (UTC)


its horrible. its absolutly disgusting. ::shudders and
tries not to puke:: uuuugh...sorry. i was referring to the
frozen dinners i've been eating for the, 2-3

argh...i'd give so much for a something good to eat. even
warmed over unsalted french fries from the wal-mart
mcdonalds would be better than those things. i'm so tired
of them. you may say 'well why dont you cook something?
y'know, real food.' and i would. except i have nothing to
cook it with. my dad seems to be under the impression that
i can cook a full meal out of beer and little debby cakes.
i'm so very sorry, but i cant do that. ::sighs:: but enough
of that. they should make the things NOT taste like crap,
and perhaps even give it a different appearance. cause to
be quite honest, my appetite is slowly being taken away
after eating 3 weeks worth of stuff that vividly resembles
puke from a 6 yr old at a carnival after he's eaten 3
things of cotton candy and twice his weight in icecream
then rode the fastest spinning thing in the whole place.
hmm...thats an unpleasant thought.

and why wont my space bar work!! errr...oh well.

so yea, theres that. nothing very exciting has happened
lately, so thats about it.

forever 17