Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
2004-06-08 14:37:45 (UTC)

Another day another 12.5 hours of work

well today sucked worked 12.5 hours and to top it all off i
have a crook back shit happens i suppose but all in good
fun moneys good and i am not complaining much yet

the rest of life is good i am so flat out at work that i
have not much else to worry about. trev from arcadia
records rang me today told me that my daniel lioneye cd is
in that make me happy just don't have the cash to buy it
till next week bugger.

the only real stress at the moment is the loss of one of my
best friends shes probably got every right to be mad at me
i realise that and i am feeling so bad at the moment i now
know that what i did was horribly wrong i pushed the
boundary of friendship to it peek and went over it way over
it and i cannot say sorry enough its been tearing me up
inside since it happened i cannot sleep i struggle at work
because all i can think about is how much i would love to
turn back time and not do what i did i was wrong of me and
i will never be able to forgive myself because she is one
of the most precious friends i have ever had she cares she
listens even when i am dribbling shit and i found it so
easy to spend time with her i struggle in the personality
department and i struggle in keeping friends and i can see
why i am not a good friend i am a bad one a real bad one i
demand to much i expect to much and i definatly go way to
far. but all i ask is for her to talk to me i do realise
that any slight glimmer of hope i ever had has been
shattered into a million peices, but all i want is to
beable to talk to her i know she will never forgive me and
that all trust is lost but deep down in my heart i love her
as one of my greatest friends and i will never be able to
let that go. the way it is at the moment i know that she
will never read this but i hope to all honesty that she

other news is that i am bored again new tattoo idea time
get some holidays in july so i might get it done then i am
thinking that i might just get an extention to the one i
already have looking at a gothic design to go round it
nothing to dark just something light and exciting

oh well its half 12 bed time i think cya later

drug of choice: Sleep
Song Of Choice: Salt In The Wound By HIM