teen life
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2004-06-08 07:06:03 (UTC)

my life realy starts to suck at times like this

well some of my mates think i have it all the looks the
pursinallity and even the guys but realy i dnt have it all
i dnt have happyness. if my sister ever reads this them im
going to get my ass kicked but realy if i had a chance to
move out i would go some were far and never talk to her
again i woulnd give her any of my contacts like my phone
number. today she called me a slut and that realy hurt me
well i might dress like a slut some times and act like one
under the infulence of alchahole (dont now how to spell it)
im realy not a slut if thats what she thinks of me the
stuff her. somtimes i realy dont think i can live here
because she can get realy stressing i mean shes realy lasy
and mum dosent even c that i do more work than she dose and
im way more mature than her all she thinks about is geting
a boy friend and i think about alot of things like music my
mates and when i can i think about caleb.

well i beter go zoe(my friend) is trying to overdose her
self on drugs

lv samantha