2004-06-07 20:23:18 (UTC)


if i told u it would overwhelm bc well yeah, but honestly,
you give me hope for the future when u embody the
description of what i hope to find.

I dont want to scare u and i wont even tell u
but it's inspiring to see

and just knowing that it really is out there
makes me want to use a cliched movie line of cheese like
he makes me want to be a better person
but it's not just that
even tho thats true

i've actually been working towards it now.

and i thought, hm, what if he plays some impacting part in
my future or something, but in ur way, u already have.

so thanks.
I hope it wasnt wrong to say.
Sometimes committing something into words makes them seem
like a big deal, so i hope that wasnt too much for u.