u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-06-07 19:54:23 (UTC)

sebago...the novel/whole story

ok so sebago was the best time EVER beaches GALORE great
weather, and lots of really cool people. i only really got
to experience it for a day and a half tho cuz i kinda
screwed up...friday night me and nikki were forced to join
the crew at the family dance (millions of 10 year olds on
the dance floor and adults at their seats) so we bust out
grindin it all up (me n her) we were like "i feel so
dirty! we're like, teachin lil kids how ta grind!" then we
got hot and went outside 4 a bit out by the beach, and i
was like omg! we have to put skinny dipping on out to do
list! so we planned to go skinny dipping.on our way bak in
there were these 4 younger guys n they were like hey how
old r u? and we told em and they were like ya, we moved
out seats closer to the dance floor so we could watch you
two (PUKE! TOO YOUNG FOR US BOIZ!) one of em spilled my
strawberry daquri...but he gave me money for it, the
sweetie! so anyway we go bak in and dance it up till the
end, and on out way out we stopped at the swings. it is
currently 11pm mind you, and pitch dark, and sum guys come
up to us (mr. bang'n #1 and bang'n #2) and they were like
how old r u guys? where u from, the usual, but then we had
to leave so we left with ann. the next day, saturday, we
were wiked hyped for the 15-20yr old dance, if we can have
that much fun with 10 year olds and the macarena...just
imagine! so me nikki, joey, and matt went down to the
pavilion to get our tickets, and then we walked around the
lake and headed up,(its 6:30, dance starts at 8:30) on our
way up we met bang'n 1&2.....and their friends!and they
had drinks with em, so we took a sip n they were
like "impressive" and then sum fat ugly tim guy was like
chug it chug it! so we did....and at this point its 7 and
matt and joey went bak up to the site. well, nikki is
94lbs mind u...and damn the alchohal got to her FAST! so
here i am trying to controll her praying to god that
she'll jus snap out of it so we can go get ready and then
meet bak up with these guys at the dance, but in my panic
i ended up chugin it (it being straight baccardi) along
with sum guy rikki's beer. next thing i no, i got rikki's
tounge in my mouth too....biggest mistake of my life. his
mouth was groose. he tasted like budweiser and
cigaretts....not a plesent mix. as soon as i started
kissing him (whyle i was drunk) a picture of paul flashed
in my mind and it felt like the weight of the world jus
hit me in the chest....i had done something i promised
myself id never do before... well, now its 8:30 and rikki
and the rest of the guys left except bang'n#1, (nikki's)
tim. (not the fat one) and she was shaking and getting
sick and then who do i run into but mi madre4 and she
obviously saw we had been drinkin and i had to stay by her
side the rest of the week.....thats my memorial day
weekend. i saw rikki in the store wen i was with my mom on
the way out n i was like o god, plz dont come over here,
and he was about to but i turned my bak on him and he got
the message. i still dont forgive myself for what i did

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