It smells like poop over here
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2004-06-07 17:36:23 (UTC)

fuck circuit city..im here too much

next time came and went, now it's this time. a few things
have changed. i got a new apartment, with shawn and joe.
things with joe are working out fine, but shawn is getting
on my nerves. mostly because he's a really lazy mother
fucker and keeps bring his dog upstairs when he knows
lauren is allergic. joe and i didn't want a dog, but he got
it anyway.
i thought i was getting rid of my problems by moving out
of rudd's house, turns out i just got a new set with shawn.
i just want a place to be alone. for now my bedroom will
have to suffice.
OCW is no longer. the last show was...april 27th...?
either way, a bunch of the boys got invited to train with
border city wrestling, which is run by scott d'more, who
trained rhino and helped train edge and christian. he also
works with NWA-TNA, which is the level right below WWE.
they just got a show on fox sports net. two guys i wrestled
with now wrestles for TNA, petey williams and chris sabian.
those guys are fucking good. as of right now: rich, nick
and i are the only ocw guys that have trained with BCW.
d'more is really busy with TNA so we're being trained by
Joe E. Legend, or Just Joe as he was known in WWF.
i gotta get going, gonna finish my lunch and get back to
work. peace mother fuckers


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