Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-06-07 16:50:06 (UTC)

day 8

I wish I could sing better. It’s ridiculous how much we
have to tune my vocals. I wish I could afford vocal
lessons. I think I am going to buy some books on how to
sing and such and maybe that will help. And it doesn’t help
that I tend to write songs way to high for my voice. It
just would help if I had noticed it before we recorded all
the other instruments. Anywho yeah we worked on 4 songs
today. We comped one song, did back ground vocals for 2,
and started doing lead vocals for another. All we have left
is the rest of that lead vocal, background vocals for 7
songs, and overdubbing for all 9. And we won’t be going
back till the 27th. So that gives me plenty of time to work
on getting parts for the songs and rest…oh and save some

I found out what clothes best fit me this week. I found
that I wear girl’s jeans and little boy’s shirts. I learned
this after every single time I went shopping in the men’s
section I thought everything fit too large. So I
experimented and waa-laa I figured it out. Hooray for me.

Here are my views on bands and the music business at this
present time. I personally don’t think that "anyone" should
be allowed to play music. I mean just cause some schmuck
can learn how to play guitar and maybe "think" he/she wrote
a good song doesn’t mean they should start a band. I am so
burnt out on meeting people who say they are in a band. 90%
of the people I meet are, and they usually end up being in
terrible bands at that. Just suck it up…and give it up. I
have spent my entire life learning music theory, learning
how to play different instruments and studying music
business…etc. And it just aggravates me that people that
know nothing nor care to know anything want to be
musicians… I see it as the same thing as someone being an
electrician without taking proper training on how to do so.
I wouldn’t want that person fixing my electricity and I
wouldn’t want to listen to ignorant people/bands that don’t
care to learn their business. Anyway with that said I also
want to let people know that I don’t care if you are
talking to a label. Every band I know has had a showcase or
has "talked" to a label. There is no act you can do or have
done with your band that will make you seem cooler if your
music is crap. The music is ALWAYS the most important
thing. So yeah get your crap straight and start being an
individual outside of music. If your at a party try talking
about something that might actually be interesting to
someone rather than offering information that more than
likely they don’t care about. If someone likes your band,
music then they will ask you about it. THE END

music: Radiohead /greatest hits(i made it and of course
it's good) and Beach Boys / Pet Sounds ( i like it more
everytime I listen)
movie: Stuck on You ( ok I only saw half of it so far)
book: Wouldn't it be Nice (it's so interesting)