AFI r amazin
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2004-06-07 14:49:15 (UTC)

life sux

hey haven written in a while. well i just started my first
day of 5th year..woo..i took 5 highers and i am extremely way will i pass. well i kinda messed up
completely with the guy i like..he dont like me anymore..i
feel like a right idiot. i thought we had a chance but i
was wrong..i mean why would i have a chance with him? he
told me id find someone better..they always say that.
im not good enough for him..he has every
other guy out there..i guess i didnt meet them. he liked me
until i dont know when.. and he didnt inform me of this.
so much crap has happened recently and i really didnt need
this to happen. man i wanna die

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