hongi ^_^

walking fish
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2004-06-07 12:27:15 (UTC)

the darkness is too bright

i was standing there, the darkness was too bright.

i couldn't open my eyes.

doors. i kneel down. i opened my eyes.

you are nowhere.

no where or now here

i don't understand so i think i better stop. but.

if we will meet each other thousands years later, you will
not be you, i will not be i either, so what will you do
when you see me, and what will i response when you do see
me, and what will happen to us.

the smile of teasing blossoms.

the thousands moons reflected in thousands of rivers.

water reflected moon.

the falling flower was falling on purpose, however, the
river didn't take it.

i should go to sleep now, for my endless

you should know.

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