Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-06-07 11:42:28 (UTC)

slipping into neurotic dreams

taste the rain as it slicks
down your tortured throat
into the basin of your hearts
blooded bossom

remember the days gone by when
the nights were filled with such
laughter that nothing save the
dawns first light could douse

i recall those days, so fleeting
and so far, I wonder if merry times
such as those can really be finished
or if I am a blur in the landscape
of a heated romp in the sack

my torpid blood erupts with the
solace that in the dark I purge
you away with flickers of stones
cast by torches

nothing wanders the world such as
I with a empty heart, a vacant stare
and the wonder if anything could
stave off the rapture of a cold
blade to my neck

sex will do if you please, i need
the release your body causes me to
impode, explode, inhale and pander
to the emotions of the wrought iron
gates of your chastity

i can't imagine what nor where we
end the route, but here, bit by bit
i dream of the days past, when nothing
but the cries in the fading dusk have
ripped through the night

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