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2004-06-07 10:41:40 (UTC)

beutiful woman

yep i must be lonely, coz this is my second entry in about
half an hour. the second one today.
she's blinkin beutiful. she asked me down the strret today
for coffee. i have no idea why i didnt go. is this me
being scared? oh my! as soon as i got home i changed my
mind though after relizing how much of a twot id been.
when i got down there i couldnt find her. shit im stupid.
i havent asked her on a date yet. im being wimpy as. i
just gotta do it. i know! im gonna invite her to the
she's got red hair, i've never found red hair atractive
till now.
golly she makes you step though. girls in this town tend
to though. they'll always make it hard. im a real stuborn
person, funny coz all my mates think the same. i hate it
how they try to wrap you around their finger. and they
know you will, because they'll read you like a book. it
like they trying to brake you before they take you. she's
a bit better. takes it easier, compared to others that is.
im just scared that she might just be flirting. she always
has. flirted that is. but its been getting more obviouse
lately. golly she beutiful though.
but then i still always want to talk to my old girl
friend. who's hanging of some other bloke who just wants
sex. he gets with girls all the time, i hope she's not
going out with him. she hasnt said anything to anyone
about it, but god i hope not. i'd kill him if he hurt her.
all the girls in town would kill me after. they all say
he's so sweet and considerate. i guess he's a nice guy,
but he chews through women.
well i'll wright soon
good night.