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2004-06-07 09:59:31 (UTC)

almost too far

yes im violent. violent minded. violent actioned.
at the party, i drank, drank and drank (found out i could
hold my alcohole quite well these days). whent to bed.
idiots who recked my tent fucked off after i grabed a pole
from the guarden and threatened to "fuck up any arse hole
who tries to wreck my tent again!" stupid, coz those who
did it where all like 20 and twice my size. i could of
done it, was the bad thing mentaly and probably physicaly.
(ive been practicing my swording)
well apart from that, i've desided never to have dope
again. i will instead relie on dancing and not all that
much alcohole. ha. and im gonna change my name in the
jernal. only coz i like the new name. and i got a friend
called peter. by the way im not realy peter!!!!!!! my name
is eralavent.

good night.