my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2004-06-07 02:46:44 (UTC)

todays adventure(i think ive said that before)

dude today was awesome!
i had a lot of fun.
after church, we hung out at jordie's for a lil while, then
amy n i went back ta her house n we hung out while we
waited for chris to come get us. well turns out jordie
wants ta come too,so they(him and rachel and chris) come n
get us. so we go eat at pizza hut, n then to farm fresh to
the ticket master and grab some dash tix yay!! ne way then
we went ta eb games n bought mario kart double dash n chris
bought medal of honor and we went back to jordans and
played them. it was awesome. we had so much fun.
at pizza hut, amy chris n i shared a large, and i used my
card n they paid me(well chris did i owed amy money) and he
was funny.. i have a shrit on thats got a lil hole at the
top, and he was like "i shoulda put it down there" i was
like "dude!" (maybe i shouldn't have put that in here.)

dudeee i am stoked about this concert. i know very few of
they're songs, but i like what ive heard and the get up
kids? dude they're music's awesome. im so excited:)
plus, i get to hang with amy n chris all night long woo
hoo!! im way excited. Amy's my best friend. and Chris makes
me laugh a lot. he's awesome.
i so would date him.


lemme back off n forget it.

arg. no second rounds. plus i dont wanna get hurt, or him
get hurt ya know? the friendship thing ain't no problem, we
bounced right back last time. which apparently amy was mad
about but i was like sweet i love him as a friend he's
too awesome hahahhahaha.
oh dag im a dork.
i need ta shut up and go get my mind off of him. the good
thing, is he likes someone else so hopefully, HOPEFULLY i
won't have to worry about anything right? i hope.
aren't i weird? i mean most chicks would be devastated that
he likes someone else but not me. makes it easier for me to
get over him. haha. hha thats so awful. ah but yea. i dream
about him (lol.) it makes me laugh(obviously.) so yea i
think something needs to happen to make me forget him fast
before i get too attached. im already catching myself
flirting. darn me. haha today, him amy n i walked to
jordans house from his parents house, and we were all
talking n he said that when we were yougner, he thought we
were going to grow up and be flirty girls which we are(as
he said) that made me laugh. i asked if it was a good
thing, he said "i dunno. whatever you make it to be." which
made no sense, so i asked again and he said "good i guess."
i dont think im a "flirty girl". im def. not a "typical"
girl. these entrys prove that. i mean i care about the
weird junk. or at least i feel different haha. i dunno. I
LOVE VIDEO GAMES!! dude man video games rock. and i like ta
wrestle or fight back. my bro in law likes attacking me
bcuz i fight back.
chris can ta-

heavens. i am so freakin glad no one reads this right now
lol. i mean you know normally i dont care i write whatever
but i would be so embaressed if like ryan read it and told
chris or something. or if chris read it.
i should go before i say something else stupid. or

untill next time-

Michele (jolly green giant, the tall girl, sir drips alot
lol, and as i am now saying, ms embaressed.)

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