You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-06-06 19:19:19 (UTC)

Failure to communicate

My life, for the last nearly 6 months, feels like it's
slipping through my finger tips right now. How could I have
wronged her so? What have I done? I just want her to be
okay, I just want her to be happy, and I just want her to
be happy with who she is, most of all. I want her to be
able to look in the mirror and be proud, even if she has a
little extra chub. Which happens to be darling, by the way.
I just wish she could see herself In the light I do. She's
cast out of the perfect shadow, The sun sparkling in her
blonde hair. The long, beautiful blonde hair.
In WWII, the united nations held sanctions and meetings
to discuss what to do with Germany. Russia was at the time
allied with Germany. To show their difiance towards the UN,
Russia did not attend these meetings. The UN planned to
attack Germany. Russia had the veto power to make sure this
didn't happen, but, like I said earlier, they were not at
the meetings. This is commenly refered to as a double-edged
In short, I'm not going to eat as long as she doesn't. I
don't know if it will really affect her, a'tall, but I just
hope she will see what this is putting me through.

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