2004-06-06 19:15:46 (UTC)

Life's great

What is going on people? So hows everybody doing? I
hope ok. Im doing pretty good. I've never been happier
actually. Mamas and I are doing great. We went out to the
club last night. For the past few days, I've been spending
the night at her house. Damn it feels good to be in a
relationship! Not being at home lonely in bed, not waiting
for anyone to call, not kissing anybody or you hugging
them, no one to call you pet names, damn thats sad. The
ones who are lonely out there, I hope you guys find
somebody, you don't know what you guys are missing.
Anyways, Laura and I are doing great, been great but we
still have our little cat fights. As long as our fights
aren't like the ones that we use to have, those were bad.
Shes at work right now, damn I miss her. We've been
spending every second of the day lately. So fucking cool!
Yay us! But yup. Ok well Im going to go eat. I'll talk to
all of you guys later. I Love You Mamas! :)


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