Pieces of Me
2004-06-06 17:20:35 (UTC)

Taking It Out On My Ankle

My ankle hurts right now.
I've been noticing lately (doesn't the word 'noticing'look
funny? It may look incorrect, but it's not... I checked it)
that whenever I get stressed out or anxious about
something, my left ankle starts to hurt at the same
spot every time. It's very strange. I'm sure that my blood
pressure is probably also up at some dangerously high
level, but my ankle's taking a lot of crap, too. LoL.

Yeah, graduation is today. I'm not looking forward to it
at all. If I had a choice, I wouldn't even go. But since I
don't, I'll be at the building in about 25 minutes,
shaking and hyperventilating like I usually do when I get
really freaked out about things. But at least I'll be the
comic relief for everyone who's watching me, right? LoL.
There's nothing more amusing than a girl who's got
unreasonable levels of stress... hehe. That is, unless
you've got your eye on one of the Tom's. As Lindsey
says, "he's one step away from being a farm animal!"

Having this online journal is a very weird, out of
character thing for me. I've got a diary for myself that I
keep in the bottom drawer of my night stand, but this
online journal thing is different.

I have always been the type of person to keep my thoughts
and feelings about anything and everything to myself. I
don't like to cry in front of people, and I rarely talk
about my problems to anyone. That's probably the reason
why people always seem to think I'm so happy all the time.

I tend to say more of what I really think and feel when
I'm writing/typing, so my inner-most thoughts aren't as
hidden as they usually are. Despite the fact that I know
there's a definite possiblity that my friends will read
this, I still find it much easier to "speak" my mind this
way. Some of the things I say here are things that I would
never actually SAY to most of my friends in person....
Strange, because I know they might still read this, and
it's basically the same thing, only somehow not as direct.

Anyway... it's time for me to go have a heart attack on
school grounds. At least some of my friends are CPR


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