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2004-06-06 14:44:41 (UTC)

Le weekend! :o)

Heylo everyone! hows it going? Am alritey jus nows..had
really quite a good weekend so i guess that was alritey!
Em..i shall talk about what happened..! LoL!

Friday i was just plannin on stayin in after 9 coz Malcolm
hadnt foned n i cudnt b fucked foning any of the guys to
see if they were going oot n Emma n Leesha were both away
at their bfs houses..aww i can say that again about
Leesha..*happy for u toots* i was jus chillin about n
Malcolm foned me bout 11.15ish n wanted me 2 go oot so i
met up with him n went up 2 Donalds coz he had an
empty..but his sister..'controller' came home!
lovin the name they call her..:-P so we were gonna chill
bout the chicken run or summit bt we all decided to go back
2 Michaels..which was a really good nite coz Michael n i
sat n talked about hunners of random aye! was
good :-) so thats wat i done on Friday..

Saturday i went to ma dads for a while n chilled about down
there then came home at nite n went over 2 a birthday party
in the hall across the road from me which was pretty
good..Leesha n i ended up workin behind the bar which was drink anol! :-P Some scary guys there tho that
buy ye double vodkas n double peach schnapps! aah!
we got paid for workin for 2 hours or so! :-P lol..we're
working over there nxt weekend as well i think! :o)!
After that we left n went up 2 Michaels again coz he was
having ppl over..was a good laff again..we jus chilled
about n drunk some more n then lay about in Michaels bed
nxt 2 a really hot sweaty Jonathan! :oP LoL! was a good
laff tho..we eventually left Michaels n crawled home at
like i managed to catch a couple of hours
sleep..fink i mite go for some more tho! ahhh! :-p..anyhoo!

- x adios x -