fallen to earth
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2004-06-06 05:13:45 (UTC)

long time passing

hello diary once more
hummm life what fun it has been so far pepole come
people go some are remembered and so are forgotten and so
you want to but can't forget well it's done now for me i
am forgetting the one who is so hard to forget although we
haven't shared much it's all still there. but enough
about that i meet new people every day i try and fail to
make a good connetion some i meet and become friends so i
would like to be more but not yet not now my friends are
here and there some i will forget so i will see but yet
twice a year it's those that i will remember
it's funny how when you end
something like a realtionship you remember the little
more then you do the big i guess i do miss her in a way i
miss her and i miss the things that came along with her
her laugh,smile,lips,will to care, her will to move on i
will always remeber that as i will always remember my
friends so more then others... but just as
the things you remember in a realtionship somethings are
forgotten and some live on forever.........................

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