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2004-06-06 04:56:08 (UTC)

Guess Whos Back With A New Outlook On Life

Cool, i am back on line and i am willing to do almost
anything these days i have grown since i last wrote in
these things many things have happened in the last 12
months and i am willing to share it all with you my
adoreing public out there. ok to start off i have moved i
am now in little old dunkeld on a mission to stop the binge
drinking which i must say is my new lease on life. next i
might quit smoking but we must walk before we can run. also
i have only a matter of months till i am a fully qualified
chef which is cool no more shitty apprentice wages mr
bracks. next i have learnt what you can feel is not always
there, i have gone so far as to have stuffeed up so bad
that i have lost one of my greasest friends and i hope that
in time she may come to forgive me for what i have done and
that i have realised that i am not the perfect gentleman i
claimed to have been. thats all i will sayabout that for
the time being. also i have changed my attitude to life
going from solem drunk to who gives a fuck lifes just a
short trip on one hell of a huge rollercoaster ride you
have highs you have lows you have huge loops twists and
turns and eventually the ride must end. from this i must
add that allong the way you must choose which direction to
now next thing i have a new hero his name is ville valo
lead singer of a band by the name of HIM. a very dark and
mysterious man i like it never afraid to speak what he says
if you can understand it.

i also have gone a little crazy lately i got a tattoo done
late last year i got my eyebrow peirced and i had my
toungue peirced a while ago. its just me now i get a little
bored so i change. i have gone from the simple bogan i was
to me the real me the one that has been lerching deep down
inside of me for a while i am just slowly bringing it to
the surface to show everyone that i am not just another
person that i am now someone you don't really know but want
to but never will.

work still rules my life but i am now growing to like it
apart from the fact that i spend 75% of my week there i am
slowly thinking that i will become one hell of a chef i am
getting so many new fresh ideas that one must get to try
new things and to try things that may not work.

my music preference has slowly turn mysterious again.the
big day out this year made a change on me by introducing me
to the butterfly effect, another dark heavy band i am so in
love with this music as well as i have just got into
radiohead (thanks Katie) just music that is cryptic.

so next thing i miss my cat she was shipped off to mum and
dads during the move and she has become theres which is bad
i miss miss oh whell

ok i will finsh up for now with the usual

Drug Of Choice: Lifes Disapointments
Song Of Choice: Beautiful By HIM (simple reason behind this

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