2004-06-06 03:57:44 (UTC)

Passed Over

Nothing breaks like a heart.
I can ignore my lack of purpose and live well doing my own
thing, do what I do, be me, and have people worship me if
I wanted, really, but that isn't what I wanted.

I wanted you.

I didn't and won't ever see anyone with a blind adoration
of me as an equal, yet here I am in adoration of you - and
also not wanted - not really seen as an equal.

So what is the difference?

I've figured out what I really want, and my adoration is
thus not one that is blind at all.

So while you go off and flirt your way into the shiney and
new worlds of those you can find yourself held in a
temporary sense of adoration of - I sit here forever
passed over in my adoration of you.


Go find your new gods, your new loves, your new sparkly
sense of freshness like dew on mornings grass.

You never grow old to me, and that is my undoing.