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2004-06-06 01:39:00 (UTC)

A Lovely Day

It's cooler today. I like this much better than 80 degree
temperatures. I guess I'm not quite ready for summer yet.

I had a strange assortment of dreams last night. I blame
them on the high blood pressure prescription medicine I
take; one of the possible side effects listed is "vivid
dreams". Well, I certainly have those. Several were very
unpleasant, nighmarish in quality, of helicopters and
machine guns firing and explosions. One woke me up and I
told myself enough of that, before drifting off to sleep
again. Then I had dreams of walking in a lovely flower
garden with a soft rain falling. When I awoke again I could
hear rain on the roof.

A quiet day spent in Corvalis and Albany. We didn't find
anything we wanted at the Folk Club but we noticed the
Farmer's Market near the river. The showers held off for a
while and John and I took a leisurely stroll, hand in hand,
admiring all the flowers and produce. We especially enjoyed
seeing the babies and little children. There were quite a
few dogs too, all on leashes and all well behaved. I bought
a basket of strawberries; John bought me a small bouquet of
flowers. A stop at the library to pick up our books was
followed by the recyling and then to Albany, taking the road
by the river. We stopped at the boot store to pick up the
insoles for John's work boots, then Costco for food and gas,
to the bread store, Fred Meyer's for more food shopping and
lunch. Our last stop was Goodwill where I found two pairs of
earrings and a small silver pin.

We put away the groceries, fixed some tea, took naps and had
a late dinner.

All in all, a quiet and lovely day.