a little piece of me
2004-06-06 00:04:20 (UTC)

weight loss

recently started on the slimfast diet. turtle wanted
something he could also do, so we decided that was
our best bet. we both weighed in yesterday, and have
both lost 7 pounds in one week. that's not a lot, but in
only 1 week, i think it's great! we've been walking a lot
lately, and i bought an excersize bike at a garage sale
for $1! we also bought a weight bench and a rowing
machine, but aren't going to bring those here. since we
have to move next month, we just stuck them in the
storage unit. when we do get our house, we'll have a
good start on a home gym. we just need a treadmill for
the rainy days, maybe a mini trampoline. i'm so proud
of turtle. i know the last couple of days haven't been
easy for him, but he's doing so well. he didn't think he
was going to lose any weight. he hates walking, but
he's really been sticking to it. i think i'm going to buy
him a sword if he loses another 10 pounds by the end
of the month. If he loses 15, i might get him a nicer
one. i'm not going to tell him that, but i think that's a
reward that he will just love.

as for me? my reward is feeling better about myself.
not being ashamed to go places by myself. or afraid to
do things on my own. i used to be ok with that sort of
thing, but it's been so much harder more recently.

well, i think that's enough. hurt my knee today, so i'm
going to lay down and ice it for a bit. damn arthritis.